Thursday, January 3, 2013

World’s Smalles Wearable Camera

Technology is becoming very challenging and we are very fortunate to experience the most complex things in the world which are all provided by the tech giants. This time, we have something new to explore. Researchers have now developed a very small camera which is considered as world’s smallest wearable camera. Those who like to wear tech accessories will be delighted to see this. Read on to know about this new and tiny gadget.

This latest technology which was created by Memoto was found in the “crowd funding” website and you can use it in different styles. You can clip it to your clothes or can wear on a necklace. What is interesting to know is that it takes pictures in every 30 seconds. This camera will let you keep a track of your daily lives by clicking pictures in every 30 seconds. So, this way you won’t miss even a single moment.

Though it is a smaller device, you will like its powerful 5 megapixel sensor that features GPS chip to keep a track of the owner’s locations. Accordingly, it will log and organize the pictures through a specially-created iPhone and Android app as reported by The Telegraph.
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Memoto claims that this new and smallest camera will have a battery life that lasts for two days successfully. The Swedish start-up company who worked on this project said that many fantastic and special moments become blurred together after a while and it feels like life just rushes by, too fast for us to grasp. This is why, they have created this device that will keep you on track and will let you explore all forgotten moments. Memoto also said that the camera and the app work together to give you pictures of every single moment of your life, complete with information when you took it and where you were. The company also said that the way this works is that the photos are organized into groups of moments on a timeline.

Owners are offered with keyframes of around 30 per day on timeline where each keyframe represents one moment. The user can tap one moment to stop the motion like we pause on video to check all images of that moment.

This way, you not only browse your life as per what you are remembered, but also search for specific events whenever you want.

Source : techiecop
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